Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Sharepoint Struggles

Struggling with some other Sharepoint stuff at the moment. Here are a few MOSS issues that I want to answer. Drop me a note if you have the answer or find a post that does.
  1. How to expose custom columns from Sharepoint in Outlook 2007?
  2. Why do some folders from a synchronised Sharepoint document repository get duplicated in Outlook?
  3. How can I add a dynamic title for a custom action in the drop down for an item? (I want to be able to progress a task's status from "In Progress" to "Complete" and so on, from the right click menu on the task's drop down menu, in Sharepoint. This means I have to be able to change the title in the drop down menu after the user clicks.)
No answers in sight for these questions so far but I am guessing that somewhere out there in google-space, someone has the answer.


Eric said...

Any luck...same issue here.

Anonymous said...

Michael here - have the Same issue :-)

Carsten said...

Try the third party product for Outlook called ProperSync. It exposes custom columns for task and calendar items in Outlook. You can find it at