Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bus Etiquitte

Have you noticed how there are clearly defined rules of behavoiur for some of the most mundane activities in life that are never discussed yet seem to be widely known. The evidence of the general acceptance of these codes of societal rules is the way "normal people" respond to those who don't obey them. Some examples include the rules of male and female bathroom (these two a substantially different) and the rules of bus behavoir.

Take the bus behaviour for example. Have you noticed how its considered rude to look those already seated in the face while coming down the bus towards your seat, while it's perfectly OK for those already seated to look you over? Or how careful we have to be not to touch the other person we are seated next to, even if that means we are hanging pecariously off the seat? Or how you can communicate with the person beside you, but until pleasantries have been exchanged, you can't look at them, necessitating a kind of out of the side of your mouth "Hello?"

Maybe we need to codify these rules for the socially inept. Perhaps we need to document them so that new migrants integration into society is a little less bumpy. What do you think? What are the rules you have noticed that amuse you, and should we have advertise them? Big signs on buses saying "Don't touch and make a friend" or signs in toilets "Look straight ahead!" Either way, let me know ...

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