Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Safari seems a little lost

OK, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a closet Apple fanboy. And so the first thing I did this morning on discovering that Apple had released a beta of Safari for Windows, was download and install it. On opening the app, I got the following screen.

Not the most encouraging of starts, but hey, I'm an optimist, so on we forge.

I did a search on the goog for "WebURLProtectionSpaceProxyHTTP" to find out what sort of a proxy server it was. Nothing comes up. Wow! The Interweb doesn't know about something!

So then, I put in a dummy username and password (yes, I know this probably is something to do with my local proxy, but given Safari wants to send my password in the clear, I want to know what's goi
ng on before I click "pwn me"). And here is what I get ...

A bit sad really. Sure, this is a beta. But beta is still the last software phase before a roll out ... The last gasp chance to catch any problems. I can't even get to a web page, let alone browse. One would have thought Apple would have handled the basics, like proxies and passwords. Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have a better experience, great, I'm jealous, now go away.

Other notes: See also this blog from Errata Security, this from Aviv Raff, problems also Slashdotted.

Update: gothick, a poster below, suggested that this might be something to do with an NTLM proxy. If anyone gets any closer to the truth with this, feel free to drop me a comment here. Another thing I've since noted is that when I checked the IP provided, I couldn't get it to didn't resolve.

Update 2: Sufferers ... you are not alone. Snowy_River writes of the same problem on MacRumours. Check out the comments below as well. Anonymous comments that changing the proxy settings in IE affects Safari on restart ... which if true has to be the weirdest coding decision ever ... Apple depending on Microsoft for it's security (proxy) info!


gothick said...

Well, I'm glad you blogged, because that meant that you were the one hit on teh intarwebs when I had exactly the same problem here this morning.

Are you using an NTLM proxy, perchance? I think that's probably my problem, although the machine Safari says it's connecting to isn't actually the right proxy server...

Grail said...


No idea what sort of proxy we are using (I will try and find out from our Sysadmin here). If you get any joy, let me know and I will update this post.


Anonymous said...

Safari seems to be using the Internet Explorer proxy settings. If you change the IE proxy, Safari will reflect the changes the next time it starts.

I personally use the "NTLM Authorization Proxy Server" from


When I change IE to use this it works.

peterford said...

Hmm i get simliar problems, i cant access the proxy settings under peferences but they seem to be tied in with IE conection settings. Not that that helps resolve the problem!

Anonymous said...

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