Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sharepoint Regional Settings or the Saga of the Non US Date Format

Actually, this is a rather short saga. Today I've been struggling with the fact that WSS 3.0 (this post does not apply to MOSS), by default uses American date formats (MM.dd.YYYY), and that there seemed to be no way to change this. However, I just happened to be wandering through the LAYOUTS folder in the 12 hive (don't ask me what I was doing there) and found a file called regionalsetng.aspx. Turns out, if you open your Central Administration site and alter the path to point to this file (eg http://myserver:12345/_layouts/regionalsetng.aspx), bingo, you get Regional Settings. It is rather bizarre that there appears to be no link to this page from anywhere. Kind of like the mysterious 13 floor on lots of buildings. Or not.

Update: Not sure why this happens, but a regional change made at the top of a Site Collection will not necessarily populate right through the sites below. Sometimes each site must be opened and the regional settings changed there.


Anonymous said...

Finally, after days of searching, I have the answer I have been looking for! Thanx muchly!

Anonymous said...

Yeah us too