Friday, April 22, 2005

Christ is coming, ready or not!

Don't know if you have noticed, but we seem to be hearing less and less about the return of Christ at the moment. At least in the classes I go to, the Memorial Meetings (what Christadelphian's call their Sunday morning meeting to remember Christ) I attend and even in general discussion, there is less said on the return of our Lord. Yet, in theory anyway, Christadelphians are, by definition, people waiting for Christ. People seem more interested in other things. Houses and work, family and schools, rest homes and computers. Nothing too harmful there, but the edge has been taken off our urgency, waiting for Christ's return.

Let's change that. Let's rediscover the desperated edge of need, needing Christ's return. Let's remind ourselves of why we need Him. Let's learn again to see beyond the shallow existence of freeways and suburbs to a more enduring city, whose architect is God. Let's make his return the heart-beat of our lives and prove it by what we talk about.

Hey, its just an idea, ok?

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