Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sound Pollution

I'm sure that my response is a little out of the ordinary, but I have an undying hatred for the sound of the Ice Cream Van (as posted on here). Call it bitterness at a cruel and uncaring world that refused to buy me double-choc-dipped-ice-creamery-confection-with-sprinkles as a child if you will (and may I say I always distrusted you?), but I continue to feel that the invasive sound of the ice cream van tune is little more than audible effluent - sound .

I mean, why cant they at least make it sound nice, and play a few nice tunes ... Its not like we are all going to go, "Good gracious, I wonder what that amazing and beautiful music is blaring from the road. I'd better not go and see, in case its those hoon young people I've been reading so much about." or "They're playing my song. I'm guessing that will be the Caviar and Smoked Salmon Van". C'mon man, what else drives around ... slowly ... music blaring ... stopping periodically ... with a ringing bell. So Mr Whippy, pull out the cheque-book and buy me some tunes and stop assailing my ears with a rendition of Greensleeves that my mobile phone would be ashamed of ...

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