Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Yep ... I seem to be making real porgress in my life. What, I hear you ask in baffled tones is "porgress", your brow furrowed with worry, lip pursed, and so on? "Porgress" is in fact meant to be "progress". It's what I have been getting lately, everytime I try to spell the word "progress". Why am I spelling it this way? Am I deranged revisionist, intent on reinterpreting the english language, leaving the torn debris of battered and punctured OED's* in my wake? Am I being deliberately obtuse, in an effort to subtly inform you that I know something that you don't? Am I just a complete wierdo? Possibly, but the real reason is that I am just a fraction sleep deprived at the moment. This sleep deprivation is caused by my progress ... Progress in my relationship with my girlfriend (we stay up late talking on the phone) ... Thus sleep for me is the cost of progress and the cause of porgress ... Sigh!

* Oxford English Dictionary ... It's tragic you had to ask.

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