Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Naming Rites

I've just been informed that friends have named their new-born with the same name as mine. This new arrival (and by the way, welcome ... I hope your arrival wasn't too stressful. Congratulations to the parents also) is gifted with not just the same first name as me, but also the same last name. Jinx! It's a little unnerving really! Am I being told something here?

Please, I'm not making any comment about new Ma and Pa's choice of names. The person I too am named after is someone to look up to and aspire to emulate. So thats all good. A lovely choice of name from that perspective (baring the fact that I havent exactly showered the name in honour ... A meaning less detail, I hear you protest).

But personally, I never really liked my own name and so am quite happy if someone else wants to assume the duty of living up to it. I would have named myself something quite different. How do you think I would suit a name like "
Mr Mystery", "Perpetual Leader and Mentor", "Dark Master of Turian". Or maybe something simple like "Lord" would suit me. Smerk.

If destiny were left to come up with names for people I'd probably be called something like "Ooops!", "Sorry" or "Splat!"

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