Thursday, March 03, 2005

Why Blog?

... I mean, it would be easier to email wouldn't it. Probably. Email however, gives one the impression of imperminence and shallowness. This may not be significantly different, but at least I feel like I'm leaving a permanent record of my thoughts and feelings about things, kind of like carving my name with a chisel in the wind swept side of a mountain, graven and preserved for all time ... Well, maybe a mountain made of jelly. This is after all the e-net and all, ya know.

Actually, my real purpose here is to document those things I wish I'd told my girlfriend and forgot before we got to talk. You know, all those bizarre thoughts or ideas that occur during a day, those passing experiences that could be shared, but somehow, never are. Sights I've seen, smells I've smelt and what exactly it was I was thinking when I crashed into the glass doors on my way into the building this morning ;)

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