Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Naaman's Life experiences non-hostile takeover bid

Yep, got in engaged. Tried to do it in style ... Imagine (if you are so inclined. Otherwise, you might like to stick your fingers in your ears for the next few lines and go "not listening na na na na" or words to that effect) sunset, just off a sand surrounded island, aboard a 40ft cruiser, bound for Fremantle. Diamond, rose and chocolates all in order. Anyway, here is the boat we got engaged on.


Julia said...

Congratz on the engagement :)

Do we get to see pics n stuff?

I commented on one of your old posts about the passion... have u read it yet?


Grail said...

Would you believe it ... I haven't! Appalling really. Except for the fact that I can't even find the article I wrote on the Passion ... I know I wrote one, but have no idea where I put it ... Put my absent mindedness down to the whole love bird thing, if you don't mind. Or maybe I'm just going senile. Whatever ...

Pictures coming when I actually het her the ring. Hold it! Before your lambast me for being a shabby low-life who gets engaged without rings, I had a big diamond for her but wanted her to have a suprise and couldn't work out how to suprise her and still have a chance to pick the ring for herself. So now we need to go shopping together and find some stuff to attach that rock to her finger.

Grail said...

OK, found it now ... It was on my old blog. Some of what you say, I agree with. We need to have confidence in our faith that will hold up, no matter what. We need to consider the importance and power of what was accomplished on the cross.

We don't however need (emphasis on "need") to go and see a Catholic produced film. Its that old question ... OK so maybe there is nothing wrong with it. Now what is right with it?