Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sesame Street brought to you by the word "Zeitgeist"

Ha! I managed to spell it, you have to pronounce it. Zeitgeist! There, spelt it again. For those of you a bit lost at this point, you will be suprised to learn that this word is not actually English! I know, you'd have never guessed. It is in fact, one of many words pillaged and plundered by the linguistically ruthless Angles and Saxons from the defenseless Germans. It means, literally, "the spirit of the times". And why, you ask, am I inflicting upon you sub-standard foreign manufactured words? Because Google, have done a bit of a straw poll and come up with the most of 2005. Of particular interest is , graphing global interest in world news based on web searches in 2005 ... In other words, the zeitgeist of 2005.

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