Monday, December 12, 2005

Coke, the new Black

Something new becomes the new black, every day. At some point brown was de rigour, grey was the in thing, and no doubt pink spent it's time in the sun as the new black. New Coke, diet coke, classic coke have all come and (one hopes) gone (by the way, when I say one, I mean me. Just helping you out here). But now, want's to become the new black in a much more literal way, releasing Coke Black, sometime soon. It appears from their media release that Coke Blak will be a "lightly carbonated coffee" ... Hmmm, but will the hoi polloi like it, we ponder (by we, I also mean, me)? Follow the link, Alice.

Arielle Carder is a babe! Arielle


Anonymous said...

great article, coke has a new edge yet these guys are unstoppable

ur__mom said...

coke has the globe in a hexagonal prism but this is a new edge
only the traitors dont drain their pools

Grail said...

Very obscure, ur_mom ... I have no idea what you are talking about, but I would add that Coke appear to have sewn up a large portion of the market in the consumerist hegemonic overlocker of doom, and yes only traitors leave their pools undrained ... Indeed, these same traitors are guilty of puddles!