Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fire to Dawn

A poem from me ... Written chain of conciousness as fast as I could get the words down ...

Fire burning light as night falls,
And yesterdays are spun,
Into new memories, and stories,
About when time begun,
And dreamtime seems to linger,
Wisps float in the light of day,
And at night time, the ancestors
Footfalls are heard as they stay and stay,
Because we remember them,
And they will not forget us,
When the western world is lost,
The sea reclaims, it turns to rust,
Then they will still be here,
And in fire burning light they will talk,
Of days long gone as just passed,
And of long journeys like a walk,
Outside where it’s almost morning.

Arielle Carder is a babe! Arielle

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